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We’re MOGO, and we’re here to protect your investment.

Whether you’re a business operator or a dealer who sells the love of driving and adventure to your customers – vehicles are an investment.

Since 2005, MOGO, Inc. has been a leading provider in global theft recovery and location solutions. Our team has over 50 years of experience in the technology that can find missing vehicles, fast.


We’ve partnered with some of the leading technology and service companies in the industry to create the best theft recovery service possible.

With our versatile GPS tracking and recovery technology, we protect automobiles, boats, jet skis, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, RVs, company vehicles… you name it, we can find it!


in 1999, the first GPS-equipped phone was released.

In 2000, the US government approved and increased technology that made GPS signals 10 times more accurate for civilians.

The increase in accuracy combined with the decrease in production costs led to exponential growth in GPS usage. It now powers in-car navigation, location-based services, personal technology, and is used in shipping, trucking, and other industries.

MOGO utilizes that technology to increase safety and security for our users. And for dealers who resell MOGO to their customers, we provide F&I profit as well as protection.

Our Team

We make it a point to train and hire the best to answer your call. Our team is ready to help you with genuine answers and a positive attitude.

We do more than just track your vehicles. We’re also here to teach you how to use your MOGO service and answer any of your questions.

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What We Offer

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We guarantee to track your vehicle or asset within a day or your money back.

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We provide dedicated customer support day and night, every day of the year no matter what.

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We alert you whenever significant changes or events occur with your vehicle or asset.

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We contact the proper authorities to recover and return your stolen vehicle or asset.

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