Elevate their ride and your profits.

Our GPS tracking systems protect vehicles in inventory or after purchase with:

  • Devices built for water, salt, waves, and other tough conditions.
  • Geofencing, speed alerts, impact alerts, battery status updates, and more.
  • Maximized vehicle battery life with optimized energy use.
  • Pre-installation on all inventory or at time of sale.
  • Peace of mind guarantee: We promise to find your vehicle and alert police to its location within 24 hours or your money back.

Dealers can create new F&I revenue and increase profits per vehicle sold!

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Why GPS tracking designed specifically for powersports?

The very things that make personal watercraft so quick and nimble when riding the waves also make them easy to steal.

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Get More with MOGO

It's easy to find a cheap, basic GPS tracker. But your customers deserve more.

Generate more revenue while giving your buyers something to enhance their every ride with MOGO’s specialized small vehicle GPS tracking solutions.

Discover the difference with MOGO.

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