Jump in the driver’s seat of your company’s vehicle, asset, and equipment management thanks to MOGO’s diverse commercial tracking solutions.

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MOGO Full Feature Tracking

Take the wheel of your company’s fleet management with MOGO Full Feature Tracking. Secure your fleet with MOGO’s theft protection and increase efficiency with MOGO’s online tracking tools.

What it does:

  • Give your drivers access to Google’s various mapping view options.
  • Rely on our theft recovery warranty for the full duration of your online tracking support.
  • Get automatic reporting and monitoring features.
  • Save up to six months of MOGO’s detailed vehicle data.
  • Monitor your company’s vehicle and employee performance.
  • Consolidate your fleet’s route planning with MOGO’s integrated driving directions.
  • Manage up to 12 different events and alerts through the MOGO app or website.
  • Change bad employee habits and prevent equipment failure with MOGO’s fleet data.
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MOGO Commercial

Upgrade your company’s fleet management with more integration options and unique reporting tools using MOGO Commercial. This fleet tracking solution offers all of MOGO Full Feature Tracking’s benefits expanded with eco-friendly tracking and more management options to streamline performance.


  • Track your company’s carbon footprint so you can make your company greener.
  • Consolidate your fleet management with our built-in work order and tracking number system.
  • Control your employees’ global settings through MOGO’s multi-level access.
  • Use over 70 programmable maintenance reminders.
  • Give your drivers extensive vehicle reporting tools for long-haul and local driving.
  • Integrate MOGO Commercial with Garmin to consolidate your fleet’s navigation tools.
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MOGO Assets and Trailers

Employ MOGO’s unique rugged tracking device to track and protect your mobile assets. MOGO Assets and Trailers is specially designed to provide theft protection for cattle trailers, containers, large commercial-grade dumpsters, and more.


  • Travel confidently with this 100% self-contained waterproof unit.
  • Outfit mobile assets such as trailers, containers, commercial-grade dumpsters, and more.
  • Enjoy a three-year battery life.
  • Experience MOGO’s one-year limited tracking service.
  • Receive motion alerts when your assets start or stop moving.
  • Get interval reports via text or email.
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