Location tracking devices to enhance vehicle safety and recovery.

From the biggest to the smallest vehicles, over-the-road or off-road, we have the right device for your security needs. On-site installation and training help you get the most from your investment.

MOGO for Automotive and RV

Beyond the Basics

This MOGO tracker is ideal for automotive and RV dealers, owners, and fleet managers who need more than basic vehicle theft recovery services.

Automotive and RV dealers can install MOGOtrack on all inventory units for their own tracking purposes or resell units to customers for installation by our technicians at the time of purchase.

These advanced GPS tracking devices can collect vehicle information including fuel consumption, abrupt braking, aggressive acceleration, speeding, cornering, and more. With this data, owners of personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, and fleets can maximize vehicle and driver performance. The tracker can also pinpoint a vehicle’s real-time location to within a 9-foot radius.

MOGO tracking device

MOGO for Powersports

Small and Mighty

Whether your powersports vehicles are made to ride on pavement, dirt, or water, protecting your vehicle is easy with our global theft recovery system.

This GPS tracker is built tough for theft prevention and recovery of the most rugged vehicles.

Designed for outdoor conditions, this MOGO model is an easily concealed, waterproof unit. It comes with a battery backup that limits workloads on small vehicle batteries and continues to operate when power is disconnected.

MOGO tracking device
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